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Take & Eat - COVID-19 Protocol


​​The Take & Eat program is listed as an essential service.  As such, we will continue to provide to all those in need through the COVID-19 Pandemic.  In order to operate as safely as possible for both our volunteers and our clients, we are taking additional measures during this challenging time.  Please review all of our recent changes listed below prior to signing up as a volunteer for the program. 


We ask that children stay at home at this time.  Only adults will be allowed to volunteer. 

We will be limiting cooks to 4 and packers to 4. 


Only signed up volunteers will be allowed into the kitchen.  We are limiting how many workers are in the kitchen, so if you want to volunteer, you must sign up. 

All desserts will be purchased by the shopping crew until further notice.

Cooks and Packers
ServSafe guidelines must be maintained scrupulously. This includes:
Hands must be washed for thirty seconds in hot water upon entry

Hands must be gloved at all times
Wear clean clothes and hat
Use clean apron provided by T&E
Surfaces must be cleaned with bleach solution after every use
Masks must be worn while preparing and packing food



Before you arrive, please sanitize and clean the bags and coolers you will use to transport food.  All drivers will be asked to use sanitizer/wash hands and wear gloves. 


Pickup will take place at the picnic tables outside the kitchen. We ask that you wait in your car until Julie signals you to get the food for your route


During delivery, please handle the food with gloves or use hand sanitizer

When you drop off the food, please leave it on the porch or stoop and then call the recipient to let them know their food has arrived.

Additional procedures as necessary will be outlined prior to each service.  

Thank you.  Together, we will get though this difficult time.

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