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Pastor Tadd Allman-Morton

Does God have a sense of humor?  Tadd sure hopes so.  Pastor and teacher at Westhampton Congregational United Church of Christ, since the first Sunday in Advent 2007, Tadd, with the help of the Deacons and other church members, prayerfully seeks ways to mingle the ever renewing fire of the Holy Spirit with the cherished traditions of our church.  Like our ancestors in the congregational church, we understand the Holy Spirit to be most profoundly experienced in community.  So, we need you to enliven and expand our vision and help us to ready the Lord's Table for all who would come.  
Tadd graduated from Andover Newton Theological School in 2005, and was ordained to United Church of Christ ministry in January 2008.  Tadd served as Ministerial Intern at Old South Church in Boston from 2004-2007.  While there, he helped found the Jazz Worship service with Willie Sordillo and Jeff VonWald.  Tadd is married to Rev. Carol Allman-Morton, who is a Unitarian Universalist minister.  Tadd has two teenage children, Sam and Abbey.  Besides Church and family, Tadd also dearly loves music.  Occasionally this results in the whole family inflicting kooky homemade albums on friends and family as "gifts."
Tadd serves the Hampshire Association as a member of the Church and Ministry Committee.
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