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Take and Eat Program

The Take and Eat ministry is a non-denominational effort that serves elders and home-bound people in need, preparing and delivering weekend meals for up to 100 clients in Easthampton, Southampton, and Westhampton, on the first, third, and forth Saturday of the month.

​​​St. Philip's Episcopal Church and the Westhampton Congregational Church are working together to provide meals on the 4th weekend of every month.  It takes a lot of volunteers and we could use your help!  If you would like to participate it is easy, please review our COVID-19 protocol and then sign up at:

Read more about Take & Eat


Food Bank

Mondays & Wednesdays 5PM - 8PM

Fridays 11am - 2PM

Saturdays 9AM- 4pm

The food pantry is stocked with items for breakfast, lunch and dinnerAnyone needing food is welcome to come during our hours of operation.  Please wear a mask while at the Food Bank. 

The food bank is located in the church kitchen at the back of the church.  When open, the doors will be unlocked.  The pantry is anonymous and self-serve.  Come; take what you need.  Non-perishables are on the counter and items that need to be kept cool are in the fridge/freezer.

Food Bank Volunteers:  Those interested in helping can sign up here: 

Here is the document on how to open and close the pantry:  Food Pantry Procedures


If you have any questions regarding the food bank or have a specific need, you can call the church at (413) 527-4204 and someone will get back to you.  Thank you to all those that help us provide this service to the community. 

Masks are required at the Food Bank and only one household is allowed to enter the pantry at a time.  To better serve you, please fill out our log and request sheets. 


Those looking to donate to the food pantry may do so during the hours that the pantry is open or during off hours, food may be dropped off at the Miller's (7 Stage Rd).  Perishable food should be placed in the fridge or freezer. 

The Kiva Program

Kiva is a non-profit organization which developed a lending platform that facilitates making loans to undeserved individuals all around the globe.  For as little as $25, people can take an active role in helping others.  Kiva is special, because 100% of every dollar lent to the platform can go towards making loans. 

Our program with Kiva is doing great!  So far, we have participated in 19 loans.  7 of these have already been 100% repaid!  This is having a big impact around the globe.  One of our loans helped a baker get ingredients to grow his business, another has helped a weaver get materials to make hammocks to sell.  Other loans have assisted fishermen and farmers.  If you would like to learn more about the folks we are helping, please take a moment and visit our program page: 

Westhampton Congregational United Church of Christ

1 Tob Rd.

Westhampton, MA 01027

Tel: 413-527-4204