Danielle was diagnosed with cancer in September of 2015.  Her cancer is a rare strain which is still being classified. It is lodged in her muscular skeletal cell wall, and currently classified as lethal although the outcomes of her cancer are ultimately unknown.


She fought it with a series of six radiation treatments, six surgeries, and twenty biopsies up to the end of July, 2017. But her cancer proved resilient. She is currently treating her condition with experimental medicine including “holistic chemo” and medication through a drug trial.


The therapy is expensive, and needs to be pre-paid. It costs $800 per round and it is currently on a weekly schedule. Accrued medical expenses of $162,000 have eaten through her savings. She is working almost constantly, despite medical advice to work below full time.


If you are able, please help to decrease her debt in whatever way you can. Anything is helpful and appreciated.


Contributions can also be made directly to the church:

​Westhampton Congregational United Church of Christ

1 Tob Road

Westhampton MA, 01027


Please include “Danielle Dennett” in the memo line.

How many can we send?

Aid for Puerto Rico

The people of Puerto Rico need our help.  There is so much that needs to be done due to the devastation from Hurricane Maria. 


It can seem overwhelming. 


You may think that a few individuals will not be able to have a significant impact on the situation, but that is far from true.  By working together, we can make a big difference!  Here is how:


One of the many challenges the people face is how to purify their water.  Clean drinking water is critical to sustain life. 

The Westhampton Congregational Church is collaborating with the Florence Congregational Church and the Beit Ahavah Reform Synagogue to bring this critical resource to the people of Puerto Rico.  We are accomplishing this task by sending the people of Puerto Rico water filters that require no batteries to use.  The name given to this filter is the Family "LifeStraw." 

A picture of the LifeStraw is shown on the right.  It can provide a family with 18,000 liters (4755 gallons) of clean drinkable water.  Typically the cost $74.95, but the LifeStraw company has discounted the price to $50 to help support this humanitarian cause.


Now it's up to you.  For less than 2 cents per gallon, you can provide almost 5000 gallons of clean drinking water to a family!  That is a massive impact for a small donation of $50.  If each member of the church were to buy just one of these filters, just think of how much clean drinking water could be provided to the people of Puerto Rico.

How do I participate?

This is the easy part, just make out a check to our church made payable to Westhampton UCC with "PR Water Filters" in the memo, then drop it off in the offering plate on Sunday


or mail your check to:

Westhampton Congregational United Church of Christ

1 Tob Road

Westhampton, MA 01027

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